I run various courses please ring as to where they are being run as some are for private individuals or associations within England others at Adult Education within the Sussex area.


Advanced Reflexology private classes can be arranged, and the advanced ‘Max ‘ technique included that takes pain away from specific areas of the foot, and in moving energy around the body speeds up recovery from any old injuries or illnesses. I am happy to give an attendance certificate.


The Menopause there can be over 30 side effects! Hot Flushes, memory loss, thinning hair, loss of libido, weak bones, anxiety, etc.

The workshop is group led, so every area is covered with the group ‘s main worry calmed immediately, many positive suggestions for a new creative positive life ahead.

Fear and worry about the Menopause causes so many problems by themselves, and if you know which pills to take, and where to obtain them, that pre-empts most fears.

So the workshop is not coming from a Gp ‘s or Dieticians attitude, just tips on the various stages, what to try, and assist a change of lifestyle without too much effort.

Stress with Bach flowers

This workshop looks at us and our personality type, so in learning about ourselves and recognising our personality type, often this realization takes the stress out of our lives.

The remedies support us during these phases. So learn about yourself and your relationships, what personality are you living with? Do your children use the same patterning as you or your partner? What personalities are you working with? This workshop will assist you in spotting the game others are playing on you.

Bring yourself and your sense of humour to view life in a different way for ever! For booking ring Lewes College 01273 402297, Northbrook College on 01903 606060 or contact me.


Hand Reflexology

This is a very relaxing day, as well as dealing with health problems within the group at the end of the day you will be able to try hand reflexology on friends and family.

A good taster if you are thinking of doing this as a profession. Please bring a pillow, towel and some cream to massage with. Booking ring Lewis College: 01273 402297, Northbrook College: 01903 606060 or contact me.