Fertility Problems

98% success rate

Reflexology is one of the leading success stories with fertility problems as we are the only discipline which, from the feet accesses the womb ovaries and tubes.

When thoroughly cleaned (via the feet) and a specialized energetic advanced technique used which I originated, re-aligns the monthly cycle to align with the moon and planet.

This method is very powerful and has assisted many couples achieving pregnancy.

I find it advisable to have a hair analyst test done as I work with ‘Foresight’ they advise the client of their mineral vitamin and heavy metal balance and support that with their mineral and vitamin pills this duo at present is achieving a 98% success rate for healthy pregnancy and baby.

I always suggest to couples after 2 treatments that I treat the male partner for relaxation and cleansing as the reproductive system needs to be in optimum health, my first ever client partner was harbouring a Thyroid problem which was not realized and this causes the sperm to die. I have used the Bach flowers for over 30 years so suggest them if the couple are worrying fearful or an area of emotional stress where the flowers can assist.