What happens during a first Appointment?

After welcoming the client I do not go through a long list of questions of what has happened in their life or health record I prefer to start working so the client can get to grips with their personal problem be it on a Physical Mental emotional or spiritual level. The first test either with Muscle testing or a pendulum is the Heart lock test which is so fundamental of the Mossop Philosophy which tells us at what stage of life this particular problem started or was created, this can be accompanied with a character analysis and a dietary suggestion list for each client.

Then various personalized specialist tests are done and the amazing 100 mother Tinctures hedgerow Elementals .The specific pills are made up dutifully noted, then an in depth explanation be it emotional physically mentally or spiritually.

The appointment normally takes about an hour and quarter with specific pills made and a suggestion of which other flower formulas they need to support their needs.

I have an unusual illness, will you be able to help me?

I like working with any unusual illnesses especially where the Medical Profession feels they cannot help, as each time I make progress it makes me appreciate what an amazing system this is and what a privilege it is working with it.

How does Phytobiophysics work?

The Phytobiophysics Mossop Philosophy is a philosophy of vibration: it is essentially an electrical therapy. Formulas, consisting of combinations of hundreds of essences of plants, all resonating on a specific frequency, are specifically matched with particular frequencies of the body’s various organs and systems cellular structures acupuncture meridians, emotions, toxins and disease taints. This brings about an electrical rebalancing of the bodies energetic system and thereby facilitates our body’s innate ability to heal on a deep level.

By combining thousands of essences, a resonance is created, which is then further amplified, producing VASER-like ( Vibration Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation) electrical frequency- thus producing a remedy that is capable of dealing with Past Historical Damage as well as deep degenerative disorders resulting from spiritual and emotional traumas in peoples lives which have manifested on the physical plane.

As a Therapist with over 25 years experience with the Bach Flower essences and knowing a little about The Bush Flower essences they have an extraordinary quality of highlighting emotional circumstances and help to alleviate associated negative feelings. Whereas Phytobiophysics offer 100 Hedgerow Elementals which are flower essences used by the practitioner for diagnostic and investigative purposes and to offer their patient a personalised chosen formula, whilst essences have a very special effect their healing quality is of a transient nature. Personality types and food lists can be supplied to assist a speedier recover