”One year ago I was suffering from extremely low energy levels, acute pains down the left side of my body and very irregular breathing patterns. Thanks to Maxine and her diagnoses using Phytobiophysics, I am full of energy, with scarcely any pains, and receiving regular compliments on how well I look from friends.
“If you are suffering with your health, I recommend you to make an appointment with Maxine immediately! Be prepared to find a new pathway to a joyful life and for healing on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.”
LJG, Hove

”Your pills are amazing, I am feeling so positive after such a long time, my friend tested me with a Electrode machine and her machine confirmed that I really feel that I am on the road to a new start of health.”
Local Brighton Artist


“Complaint Erythropoietic protoporphria from the age of 6 months the skin blistered in the sun. Client now early 50ies..”Treatment started in Nov 2005 by Christmas there was a slight improvement and by February when I started light treatment at Southlands hospital I started to feel more normal with my skin. The light treatment lasted for 15 weeks twice a week, it went a lot better than the previous year, and I was able to take off my outer clothing for the first time ever, I suffered very bad symptoms until I met you, I have a slight sun tan for the first time.

“I still itch moderately with sun cream it now stops it, suffering with this since being born I don’t expect a cure over night I am still taking a small dose of tablets I cannot believe how well I have coped with the sun this year.”2007 Client went to America again a first experience being able to take a holiday in the heat, there were problems as a new virus affected his progress but this has now been addressed, we await summer 2007. Frequently the pill formula did not change so pills were sent so visits were kept to a minimum as was the cost.”

"I have tried all the normal routes but did not want to live my life on steroids,it has taken time but the emotional issues you found and the final result really has been an amazing journey. Thank you."

Virus pills

“I rang for a carpenter, his partner picked up the pills on the Thursday.”we were flat out in bed with a high temperature for 2 days, then in the house in bed for another 2 days not being able to go further than the Kitchen.

“We picked up the pills and wondered if we were imagining the way it felt, like it was draining out of our bodies, we got out of bed in only a day, and out of the house to buy food the next day.

“It is really a virus killer and we had the chance to prove it on ourselves, now we do not have any more doubts.

“They turned up on the Sunday to thank me and give me a quote for some work and started work the following Tuesday.”

Antidote spray

"Yes I felt the difference almost immediately. Brilliant sore throat gone. Thanks"


“I wanted to say thank you for all your help, no words could express my gratitude. I have had profound changes and embrace more daily. My health has taken a turn but with what you helped me discover and with Louise Hay meanings it all links up incredibly with the medical diagnosis.
“Apart from feeling poorly and slightly nauseous I feel blessed to have had a deep recognition of the links and patterns in my life, which I always believed in but could not match up.”
C, Hove

“Thank you for your support Maxine, I really value it and my general health from reflexology is good.”
Esta, Brighton

“The world is such a great place and better place with you in it. Thank you for your caring and sharing lots of love.”
S, Brighton

“Dear maxine I have received so much from your treatments, I really appreciate the depth of care you have for your clients and the work. your last session had me bouncing with energy.”
Miss F, Brighton

“After only two reflex appointments and I feel like a new person 90% health problems gone.you are one of the best therapists I have had the good fortune to find, Thank you”
Mary M

“I had acne from the age of 14 its virtually gone- thanks to your support and the drops through the whole process- I still cant believe it-your a star Thank you”
Mr J, London

“This system has found my basic problems which would have saved me hours of counselling if I had known about you before”
D, Seaford

“I have received so much from your treatments I really appreciate the depth of care you have for your clients and the work involved. Many thanks to you the last session had me bouncing with energy”
F, Brighton

“I am going travelling but your help and support has helped me so much thank you.”

“Thank you for looking after me and my feet so well after the last few years.”
J, Greece