Maxine Rawlings is a Qualified local Reflexologist with 29 years experience and teaches advanced reflexology, specialising in fertility and skin problems. she has over 35 years experience with vibrational healing.


In December 2010 Harpers Bazaar magazine have chosen from 100 listings of various complementary Therapies ART (Tony Porters Advanced Technique) as the Best Complementary therapy.

I have been fully ART trained for many years, and registered on his website, this is an enormous step forward for well qualified Reflexologists like myself, and we are all very proud of this achievement.

Tony Porter offers an excellent advanced training and to achieve the qualification he makes everyone do his specialised techniques on him or his assistant. To my knowledge no-one else offers this form of excellent standard.


Phytobiophysics to balance you emotionally, mentally and spiritually, using pills or drops created from a combination of 300 essences, incuding your personal heart lock to reveal your true persona, then
a half-hour reflexology treatment to address your physical body.

Phytobiophysics are natural, non-addictive free of additives and chemicals, safe for babies and pets, non-invasive and do not interact with medication. they stabilise and harmonise emotional sadness and trauma which then assists recovery.

Phytobiophyics is a core scientific concept that harnesses the vibration energy of plants to release energy blocks in the human body, so that balance is re-established for all levels of conciousness, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. Stress, disease and viruses also vibrate on frequences that bring disturbance to the healthy balanced life flows within the body.

To combat this imbalance the essences in the formula resonate on a very specific frequency which creates immediate action to remove the energy blocks.

Healing comes from within, the very life force of our being, Flower Formulas restore both body and soul to balance, the body's own healing ability automatically follows.



The Phytobiophysics Formulas rebalance the electrical field forces which have been damaged by the virus-thereby mending the circuitry of the body's meridians returning the blue print of the cell back to normal, restructuring the cellular matrix, restoring balance and thereby allowing the innate ability of the body to heal itself on a profound level.


As a Reflexologist for many years the pills enhance the work.


I have found this system which works in a totally different way has achieved amazing results on some difficult skin problems which the NHS had given up on, please see Testimonials.

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